Q. How do I measure my space?
A. Please see our "MEASURE MY ROOM Guide"

Q. How will you know what I like?
A. Once you have filled out our questionnaire, it will give us a sense of what your style is.

Q. Where can I buy these items?
A. All of the items can be sourced abroad and locally

Q. How many rooms can I design in one session
A. As many as you’d like – 20 sq mt is about the size of the average living room

Q. Can I get a designer to come and look at the space?
A.No, not for the E-teriors services. However, should you require an Interior designer please send us an email at info@ccinteriorslimited.com.

Q. How long will my project take?
A. Each project takes a 10-12 working days (or else otherwise mentioned)

Q. Can I see pictures of projects you have done before?
A. Yes, please visit *INSERT LINK HERE* to visit our portfolio

Q. Do you design Kitchen and Bathrooms
A. No, we don’t (at least not yet!)

Q. Is there a rush service?
A. No, we do not offer rush services

Q. What if I don’t like something you select for my room?
A. That’s absolutely fine! We are happy to take a 2nd go at your space!

Q. Do I need to provide my budget?
A. You only need to provide one when you opt for our procurement services