At CC Interiors & Design Studio, we provide more than just design - we provide a professional and personalized comprehensive service which caters for designing spaces with the client’s wellbeing in mind using lighting, sound and nature to create a space that is functional and effective.
CCI is vastly experienced working across the sectors - Residential, Hospitality, Commercial and Institutional interior design. We offer multifaceted, entirely bespoke design service, focused on achieving the best end result.


    Our services include:

    Concept and design

    Conceptual studies are produced and presented for your consideration as full perspective imagery. These are supported by mood boards, sketches, color studies, spatial analysis and well thought out themes

    Design Drawings

    This phase is technical and extremely important! It includes scaled floor plan/s that will best determine how to furnish or fit out the space.

    Interior Renderinngs

    Our team of visualization experts create hi-definition 3 dimensional visual images or walk though videos which completely bring the space to life! These visuals convey design concepts, the space layout, zoning, materials, textures, colors, lighting, furniture, decor etc. Allows you to see it before you see it…then you can commit!

    Project Management/Punch Listing

    Our design team oversee the entire project from concept to installation and completion, attending regular site meetings to ensure our designs are being achieved to the exact specifications on-time and on budget. In line with this, we offer turn-key solutions.


    Our design and architecture team oversee the entire process of refurbishing existing structures either to make improvements, or restore to a good state of repair. In line with this, we offer turn-key solutions (often times in collaboration with phenomenal sub-contractors we’ve worked with over the years.

    Space Management & Planning

    Our design and architecture team propose original decoration solutions, considering the distribution of the space as well as the arrangement of other elements, accentuating the final style to your surroundings.


    Our interior design and procurement team invest a large amount of time, selecting and sourcing furniture, fittings and accessories.