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Office Building Reception designed by CC Interiors Studio

Without a doubt, the reception area is considered to be the epicentre of any workplace. However, it’s often neglected, because it’s “JUST” the reception area. But it’s the first point of impression for your potential clients, existing customers and employees, it needs to be designed carefully. The aesthetics need to be well thought out and in fact, it’s one of those areas where you should definitely use some creativity and storytelling techniques.

It’s a sinister mistake not to take care of your office’s reception area. The reason why I am reiterating this over and again is because I’ve had experiences visiting decent organizations who have had very underwhelming (sometimes appalling) reception areas that completely put me off the business. I once walked into a pharmaceutical office that had a large, rough, purple and awfully painted wall, behind bright mustard yellow colored tattered leather sofas. I was aghast. The reception area is supposed to create a setting tone that blends in with the rest of the office space – this space certainly didn’t.

Here are few tips on how to create a reception area that not only welcomes your clients but keeps them!

Integrate your company’s vision; Tell your brand’s story 

What does your company sell? Is it product or a service? You can use the reception area as a perfect advertising accoutrement. Use it to describe what you do and reflect it through some deliberate Interior Design choices. Translate your vision through interesting company profile videos showing on a screen or attractive images or text written directly on the walls or framed and hung strategically.

Your Reception area should be memorable!

Make your reception area memorable for your visitors! The use of dramatic directional lighting, interesting feature walls with textural materials, a pop of color on the walls or ceiling can create a WOW space which would keep your clients visually engaged and their wait a lot more bearable 🙂

Take Away?

I find that very often offices purchase promotional material display shelves as an after thought and they often look as exactly that ‘an after thought shelve in the corner with promotional items to make me buy a product of service’.

If premeditated – dedicated spaces/surface can be embedded into the space design and solution to make promotional items look more attractive to customers, you won’t have to have printed banners saying ‘please take one’ for customers to walk up and pick up a brochure or flyer.

Always remember that your reception area can potentially make or break business deals. As they say “1st impression counts!”

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