Your Office Space and how it affects your State of Mind or Wellness +

Office Space designed by CC Interiors Studio

Studies have shown that the working environment has a huge impact on the psychological and physiological well-being of a person. Statistics prove that well thought out Interior Design Solutions create better working environments, which in turn yield much better results.

There are key elements that organizations must keep in mind. 

➢ The working environment should be fluid; open to the outdoors and within the office – this allows space users to have a great view of nature and allows plenty of light to come through. We often suggest open offices using glass or open dividers (slats) to separate spaces if need be. Studies have shown that just sitting and looking at nature helps relieve stress and anxiety and re-energizes a person.

➢ The working space should have moderate and controlled temperature. Too cold or too hot conditions can make things uncomfortable for employees resulting in lower productivity.

➢ Color selections should be strategic – not too white, cold and stark. It should be vibrant with some warmth to give a refreshing feel. Use different textures and colors to create a pleasant and colorful working environment. Specific colors enhance specific feelings in people, so well thought out color use can promote desired behaviors.

One of the most important things to remember is to design the interior in a way that promotes socializing and group activities. More and more offices are now reducing the use of rigid desks and introducing open workspaces, varied seating types – bean bags and alike, where people are in a way forced to sit together and engage instead of while they work. The trend for cubicles has declined sharply over the last few years. Keeping in mind that you design your office space in a way that does not create an impression of crowding.

Lastly, don’t make everything permanent. Use adjustable furniture such as adjustable chairs, task lights etc. so that people are not forced to stay in one place for a long time. Every employer should encourage their employees to be active and move throughout the day.
The main thing is to understand the psychology of people and understand what motivates and encourages them to enhance their performance and then go from there.

Share with us what motivates you in your office space? 

Do you like how your office space is designed?

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